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About me

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This is the big „about me“:

Frank Woelky, born 6/8/73 (Lion), right now 34 years old.
Webdesigner and graduated architect on a round-the-world trip.

Interests: Sports (Snowboarding, Volleyball, Mountainbike, Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding – no endurance sports :-); travelling, politics, music, cooking (bavarian / italian / fusion and freestyle), books. Good design of all kinds.

I am: mainly quiet, but loud in certain discussions. Reliable, always in time and honest. Big but not so heavy (hopefully also in mind). Definitely not understandable to everyone. Clean and proper. Smoker (but can resist for at least a month if required), non-alcoholician but can enjoy a good glass of wine.

I like: non-system-conform people, discussions that are direct. Blue. Music: Eels, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Boss Hoss, music that brings electronic and rock together. Bavarian Schweinebraten. Mean jokes. Going out until the end. Dancing. High points and the panorama up there. Honor and pride. Independent movies, Angelina Jolie and Bukowski. Cats and dogs. Good beer.

I dislike: People who behave „blond“ and/or have no opinon of their own. Unreliability and lies. Non-thinkers who claim to be individualists. Getting up early. Warlords. Colorful clothing. People who are loud without having to say something. Music : B.Spears, Country, stupid HipHop. Bad fat food. Flat landscape and windless regions. Cabernet Sauvignon. Bud light. Mainstream movies and music. Pigeons.

So far, should be enough.

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  • Tim schreibt am Mittwoch, 12.9.2012 um 15:55 Uhr:

    Hey Frank,

    hab mir gerade einige reisegeschichten von dir reingezogen. das bereitet mir gerade guade laune für meinen zukünftigen trip auf die philis. komm auch aus regensburg und bin kitetechnisch erst am anfang. aber was nicht ist kann ja noch werden. scheint so als hättest du ein haufen gute tipps für mich.
    würd mich freuen wenn wir ein bisschen plaudern könnten. PS: mein trip startet am 09.10.2012 und ist vorerst für ein halbes jahr bestimmt ;)


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