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Open Road

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Open Road is a „thank you“ to all the people who helped me on my trip, to hosts and friends. The best of almost 3000 pictures on the road across the whole USA. Optimized and arranged in one big poster for a 300 dpi print in size 89/111cm (35/43 inches). You find the previews on the right (small) and on the bottom of this page (medium).

Everybody I met on my trip received an email, containing a shared folder link on You’ll have to get registered to download it. Fast & simple, and after that you got you own free 5GB harddrive on the internet.

Unfortunately, i could not find a cheap provider for large format poster prints so far. Best i found:, about 35$ for full size print including shipping. If anybody knows something cheaper, leave a comment on this page!

My thanks go out to, in order of appearance: Simon & Saundee (NY), Suhail (Toronto), David B. (Chicago), Carrie (Milwaukee), Ed (Salem), Kim (Kearney), Jordan (Denver), Jeff & Renee (Rapid City), David C. (Bozeman), Stephanie (Lakeside), Megan (Seattle), Klaire (Seattle), John (Eugene), Waylen (Arcata), Scott (SF), Gregg (San Luis Obispo) and Chandra (LA).

You’ll always have a stay offered in one of Germany’s most beautiful and oldest cities. Hope to see some of you again some day!

Open Road Preview Medium

Bula from Fiji Islands,



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  • Peter schreibt am Freitag, 7.9.2007 um 0:30 Uhr:

    Poster ist super. Werden Ihn vergrößern und im Freundeskreis mit angeben! Wo bleiben die Bilder mit Fischi- Mädchen? Bula, peter

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